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About Me

Hello Everbody,

I professionally conduct research and development activities on critical infrastructures (Oil, Natural Gas, Electricity Distribution, Energy, Digitalization etc.) and Cyber ​​Security of Industrial Technologies (SCADA, IoT etc.) in my own laboratory environment. From 2004 to this time, professionally in the Energy Sector such as SCADA, IoT etc. I carried out domestic and international cyber security projects related to industrial systems, I actively participated in R&D, penetration tests, malware and vulnerability forensic analysis studies for the energy sector. I aim to share my knowledge and experience in the energy sector with you on my blog in order to increase your awareness.

By following the articles I have shared on my blog, you can increase your cyber security awareness and have knowledge about the cyber security of Industrial Control Systems and Information Technologies.

And never forget this: The more you know, the more secure and safe you will be.

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